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Jain Tarang-Floating Structures

India has reached to more than 5 GW solar installations and has massive target of 100 GW by 2022. To complete this target huge land is required; which cannot be created artificially. In India, water bodies (apart from rivers, canals) occupy about 7 M.Ha area which can be utilised for solar power generation using Floating Structure.

Also various governments are taking initiatives for developing Floating Solar Power Plant on dams/ water reservoir etc.. Government of India is also developing more than 1000 MWp Floating Solar Power Plant across India.

Jains on bank of expertise in engineering plastics like PE right from 1994 and significant hands of experience of solar, developed innovative floating HDPE structure for floating PV solar power plants. Jains have state of art ISO certified in house solar floating structure and solar module manufacturing facility.

Jains Floating Solar PV Power Plant Structure has more than 100 years life which is 4 times more than life of solar pv modules.

Jains had developed two types of floating structures

  • Floating for solar pv power plant

  • Floating for submersible pump

Features and Specifications

Only Jains provides Floating Solar Power Plant Structure manufactured as per Standards !!!!

Advantages of HDPE

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